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Providing Smart Energy Solutions for businesses.

Smart Energy Solutions

We provide you with an affordable Smart Energy Solution that will reduce your
carbon footprint and reduce your energy consumption – and therefore reduce your costs.

This is all done through a clever
combination of smart technology
and innovation.

Smart Energy Systems

Our Smart Energy Solutions Portfolio has been very deliberately designed to deliver 3 very specific outcomes:




Our Portfolio includes all the following best-of-breed
technologies, one or more of which will almost certainly
be of real benefit to your own business
Air Source Solutions
Battery Storage Solutions
Biomass Systems
Combined Heat & Power Plants
Electrical Vehicle Charging Units
 Factory & Device Monitoring Solutions
 Ground Source Solutions
LED Retrofit 
Smart Metering
Smart Monitoring
Solar PV with Solar Power Edge
Voltage Optimisation
Wind Turbines

educe Co2

You can now earn money for your business by supplying energy generating
or storage services to the National Grid utilising all of the network providers.

As a rule on renewal your current provider tends not to provide you with the best deal and usually pushes the pricing up.


While you may be in contract we can give you market guarantee prices on your future costs up to 18 months before your contract ends.
You can elect to work with providers who have invested the most in green technology, helping to do the utmost to reduce Co2

We work exclusively with providers who service their clients with full dedicated account management
and can source comparisons from 48 different supply sources.


With exception of very large corporate businesses most energy providers do not provide account management services.

This results often in a lengthy wait to solve sometimes the simplest of queries.

It is the reason why we, as standard, provide 24/7 fully account managed services for ALL our business clients.

Case Studies

We were introduced to the client by a Scotland Food and Drink consultant.

Strachans are the leading food distributor to the offshore oil industry.

The client was operating from 4 sites and, at the point where we engaged with them, all their utility bills were in contract.

Following detailed surveys, we recommended to the client a complete LED Retrofit at their main warehouse in Peterhead and
Voltage Optimisation at their Peterhead and Great Yarmouth sites.

Their existing agreements committed them to a 3-year term, but since the commencement date of the contracts there had been substantial
inflationary increases plus the introduction of new costs through FIT, DUoS, and TNUoS levies.

Based on our detailed calculation, the client was facing an increase in energy costs over the next 5 years of an estimated £330,000.

We offered them new agreements on a 5-year term and with all the contracts co-terminating on the same date; the rates we quoted
included some £90,000 of hardware supplies and installations.

The client stipulated that the LED Retrofit be done by their preferred electrical contractor, a request that we accommodated.

The client paid nothing up-front for the new hardware we supplied and, as there was no need for any separate finance agreement,
this in essence gave them an interest-free solution to reducing their CO2.

After implementation, the projected costs to the client going forward, over the next 5 years, are £80,000 per annum.

Subsequently, we have received 2 referrals from this client and both of those businesses have also become clients.

SUMMARY: this smart energy solution resulted in a reduction of £250,000 over 5 years.


SPAR Retail Outlets
The client needed to renew their 2 electricity contracts.

The client had already done the most obvious work to save on kWh and CO2 usage by installing LED in the busiest store.

The client owed the electricity supplier £ 5000 which we settled and the cost of this was added to their new agreement.

Gaeltel recommended an LED Retrofit on the smaller site also, plus the provision of Voltage Optimisation at the main shop.

New contracts were supplied with all the chargeable elements, including the DUoS and FIT Tariffs, locked in for 5 years,
giving the client a fixed cost and therefore an easy-to-budget-for energy account.

The hardware costs were added to the energy bill and spread over 60 months, interest free, so there was
no requirement for capital expenditure.

At the smaller site, since our engagement, there has been a cost reduction in lighting usage of 52%, while at
the main shop there has been a kWh usage reduction of 9.2%.

Taking into consideration the consequent price rises in the electricity wholesale market plus the increases in DUoS and FIT Tariffs,
as well as the cost of the technology supplied, the net savings for the client are £4,200 over the contract period.

Looking ahead, the client will further benefit from future savings of around £21,000 on their next agreement, based on the energy price
forecasts for the contract period and the fact that all the cost-cutting hardware supplied by us will be fully paid for by that time.

SUMMARY: this smart energy solution resulted in a reduction of £4,200 over 5 years.

(It would have been £9,200 if they had been debt free)


EV Charging Ports

EV Charging Ports

Generate revenue and make a profit from operations.

Electric vehicles are rapidly growing in popularity, and many business owners are capitalizing on the booming industry.

In particular, if you own a business and are thinking about installing EV chargers, then parking lot monetization is a great way to generate some extra revenue for your business while also growing your customer base.

Contact us today and see how you can generate extra revenue

If you would you like one of our Smart Energy Specialists to talk through with you which Solutions might most benefit
your own business then please contact us and let our experts prove how fast and easy switching can be


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